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round head nails

Nails & pins

Your chosen type in various quantities, and always seamless delivery across Blandford Forum. Order with M & C Supplies Ltd today.

Keep it together

A popular product amongst the carpentry and joinery trades, we stock both lightweight pins and solid copper nails for a range of applications. Ideal for skirting, fixing, bespoke woodwork and even the more delicate of jobs, our quality selection will help you keep things in place. Make your selection with M & C Supplies Ltd and enjoy quick delivery across Blandford Forum, Glastonbury, Sails and surrounding areas. Not what you're looking for? We also stock anchor fixings.

1st and 2nd fix nails 

1st Fix Nails

Offered in Galvanised and stainless steel

2nd Fix Nails

16 Guage

18 Guage

Galvanised or Stainless steel

Offered with or without the gas provided

Loose nails

Loose nails such as round wire, oval brads, staples, panel pins and many more are available at M & C supplies. All nails are sold in either 1kg handy bags or 25kg boxes, if more are required. Available materials are bright, galvanised or stainless steel.

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