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Anchor fixings and more

For tasks that require additional support. Shop anchor fixings from M & C Supplies Ltd in Blandford Forum or discover our other fixing options, including cavity fixings.

Products that won't let you down

Ensure you've got a fixing that can endure heavy loads and stand the test of time. Buy your anchor fixings, wall plugs, pre-packed kits and tek screws from a trusted name like M & C Supplies Ltd. These hard-wearing components have been designed with reliability in mind, ideal when attaching brackets and other heavy items to brickwork, stone and concrete. Need these in a hurry? Order now for quick, pain-less delivery across Blandford Forum and the surrounding areas, including Bristol, Weymouth, Radstock and Bridport. 

Wall plugs

Available in brown or red depending on the size of screw you are using. We also offer a more heavy-duty wall plug if required - speak to a member of the team to find out more.

Concrete screws

Zinc concrete screws are available in sizes from 7.5 X 60 – 200mm. A yellow passivated Torx drive bit is included in every box

Tek screws

Our huge range of tek screws includes:

  • Hexagon head light section

  • Hexagon head heavy section

  • Countersunk head light section

  • Countersunk head heavy section

  • Stitching tek

  • Fibre cement to light section

  • Fibre cement to heavy section

  • Fibre cement to timber

  • BI Hex teks in a range of colours

And so much more.

Pre-packed kits
pre-packed fixing kit

Need a selection of fixings or fasteners? Shop M&C Supplies to bag these handy items in our useful pre-packed kits.

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